General Education Petition

Modification of the General Education curriculum is not a normal event.  Therefore, a petition asking for an exception will be carefully considered and reviewed.  The following guidelines should help determine whether a petition has a reasonable chance for approval.

  1. WAIVERS:  The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences does not, in any circumstances, waive General Education requirements.
  2. SUBSTITUTIONS:  The courses identified to satisfy General Education requirements have been carefully reviewed by the General Education Committee for their compatibility with the criteria established by the faculty of the University of Arizona.  A course requested for substitution must satisfy the same criteria.  Therefore:
  • Petitions seeking to replace an approved course with a course lacking a significant writing component will not be approved.
  • The course content of the petitioned course must be consistent with the approved description of the requirement to be met.
  1. MAJORS/MINORS:  Petitions seeking to replace an approved General Education course with an unapproved course that also counts toward a major or minor will not be approved.
  2. PASS/FAIL:  The University Catalog states that no required course may be taken for pass/fail.  General Education courses are required and, therefore, are not to be taken for pass/fail.

For approved petitions, adjustments to the Academic Advisement Report will be made upon approval as needed.

Approval of petitions is not a given, therefore registration for future terms should be planned under the assumption that this petition will not be approved.   Should the petition be approved, future registration can be adjusted accordingly.

e.g 2016-2017
If your request concerns Freshman Composition, do not use this form. Contact the Writing Program in Modern Languages 445 (
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
You must explain how the substituted course you are proposing meets the spirit of the intended General Education requirement. For more information, consult the general education course proposal page. You must also address why you cannot or have chosen not to complete an approved General Education course.
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